Quickstart guide

Welcome to IRIS Clarity! Whether that is a team of 1 or 10,000, your starting point for getting your team up and running is the account dashboard. From here you can organise your team, download the app, manage your subscription and much more.



On sign up your team will not have a subscription, which means you won't be able to use IRIS Clarity until you start a free trial. After you complete the trial, smaller teams (up to 200 users) can choose either a monthly or annual subscription from the billing page. For larger teams or teams interested in our enterprise features, please contact our sales team for trial and pricing options. 

Application configuration

For enterprise teams, where you will be rolling IRIS Clarity out a large number of users, you can use our Application Configuration feature. This allows you to configure the settings of the app for all the users in your team and make changes to the app remotely. 

We highly recommend pre-configuring the app when you roll it out to your users. This is done either by setting up SSO, adding your team ID to the installer, or using station-based licensing.  


Invite users to your team from the team management page. If you set up SSO then users are authenticated the moment they are added to your team and active directory, if you are inviting manually then they will receive an invite email asking them to create login credentials.

You can also control admin roles,define access to IRIS Clarity and remove users who no longer need to be in the team.


Download the latest version of the application for either Mac or Windows. You can see what is in the latest version in our changelog.

Set up IRIS Clarity

Once it is installed on your device, you will need to go into your audio / video / VoIP platforms audio settings and set IRIS Clarity as the microphone and speaker. This is a required step to start using IRIS Clarity. If these settings are not available, we have a guide for how to complete the setup of IRIS Clarity.

The key steps to get going are,

  • Set IRIS Clarity as the audio driver for microphone and speaker in your platform settings
  • Select your headset in the IRIS Clarity app
  • Use the speaker noise slider to control the amount of background noise you hear from the other side of your call