Manage team users

You can manually invite, remove and promote/demote users to admin roles from the team page.


Invite users

Go to the Team > Invite to invite users to your team. All users are able to access both the dashboard and the app, though some dashboard functionality will only be available to admins and the team owner.

Invite users manually via email. You can paste multiple emails at a time separated by commas.  Alternatively, you can upload a .csv file with your users and bulk invite users. All new users will receive a verification email to create their password and log in.

If you have SSO set up with Microsoft Entra ID (formally Microsoft Azure Active Directory), you can enable user provisioning to automatically add and remove users from the Enterprise Application in your tenant.

Only admins can invite members. Learn how adding or removing users affects billing.

Alternatively, you can set up your IRIS Clarity installation with station licencing which removes the need to invite users at all.

Remove users

To remove someone from the team, select the user (checkbox) and then click remove. They will be removed from the team and unable to access IRIS Clarity. Once a user is removed on a paid Linear plan, they are no longer counted as a seat for future billing purposes.

Product access

Access to IRIS Clarity is given to users in the team via product access. This can be assigned and unassigned by any team admin.

Product access is assigned automatically on invitation when a user is added to a team.

If a user is in a team and cannot access IRIS Clarity (they get a subscription error) this is usually due to them not having product access.


Team owner

The user who creates the team will be set as the team owner. They can,

  • Do everything admins can do
  • Manage billing (purchase and manage a subscription)


Admins are able to,

  • Do everything users can do
  • Invite and remove users
  • Set IRIS Clarity access
  • View analytics
  • Configure the team settings
    • SSO
    • Application configuration

Admins can grant or remove admin roles by selecting the user in the team page and setting their role as an admin or user. 


  • Change their password
  • Use the app (if they are given IRIS Clarity product access)


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