Will the people I call also need IRIS Clarity for it to work?

Because IRIS Clarity is bi-directional, only one participant needs it to activate voice isolation on both sides of a call. Use the Microphone toggle to manage noise on your side of the call, and the Speaker toggle to manage noise on the other side of the call.

However, if a call has more than two participants, or if one (or more) of the participants has multiple people dialling in from the same room, participants without IRIS Clarity will only benefit from voice isolation between the main user and themselves. Having IRIS Clarity installed on each device gives participants more control over their audio.


Group calls with IRIS Clarity_Infographic-05[21]

🚀 Pro tip: If you’re often in calls with multiple people dialling in from one room, having IRIS Clarity toggled on will unevenly isolate the voices in the room. Making sure that the host has IRIS Clarity installed and the Microphone toggled OFF will avoid isolating only one person in the room, while other participants can still benefit from voice isolation by keeping the Speaker toggled ON.

See “Will IRIS Clarity work if used in a group meeting or will voices be unevenly broadcasted?” for more tips on using IRIS Clarity in a group setting.