Will IRIS Clarity work if used in a group meeting or will voices be unevenly broadcasted?

IRIS Clarity will work for any kind of online meeting, you might just need to adjust your settings.

💡 Reminder: The Microphone toggle manages noise on your side of the call, and the Speaker toggle manages noise on the other side of the call. If a call has more than two participants, having IRIS Clarity installed on each device gives participants more control over their audio.

If you are in the meeting room with multiple people and others are dialling in, having IRIS Clarity toggled on may unevenly isolate your voices for others. It may be best to toggle your IRIS Clarity Microphone OFF for your group, but keep Speaker ON for other participants.

If you are the one dialling into a meeting room with multiple people, having IRIS Clarity toggled on may unevenly isolate their voices for you. It may be best to toggle IRIS Clarity’s Speaker OFF, but keep its Microphone ON.

🚀 Pro tip: If you have a conference phone in the room, you can connect it to IRIS Clarity to ensure even voice isolation throughout the room.

Simply connect your conference phone to your computer via Bluetooth, select it in the IRIS Clarity app as your Microphone and Speaker input, and keep IRIS selected as the Audio input/output in your video conferencing app (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc.).

You will want to ensure there are enough microphones in the room to evenly pick up your voices.