What types of background noises can IRIS Clarity remove?

Our model for IRIS Clarity is trained on tens of thousands of hours of noise, specifically selected for the modern hybrid working situation. It's highly applicable for call centres, entrepreneurs working from home, busy offices with a lack of meeting rooms, shared workspaces, and even cafés.

Our experience in Formula 1 has shown that our technology works in even the most extreme circumstances. We've run multiple audio comparison tests using the independent PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) scale, and we consistently rank among the top of our industry.

Here are some examples of noises IRIS Clarity is trained to remove:

  • incidental noises (e.g. keyboard taps, chairs creaking)
  • household noises (e.g., hoover, washing machine, appliances)
  • children screaming/crying
  • dogs barking
  • open space babble and ambient noise (e.g. cafés, offices, call centres)
  • traffic
  • construction

We’re constantly improving our model and teaching it to recognise new sounds, so if you have a particular noise you’d like to isolate your voice against, feel free to submit it using our feedback form (See “Where and how do I send feedback?”)!