Using IRIS Clarity with MS Teams

Once you've installed and configured IRIS Clarity (See "How do I install IRIS Clarity on my computer?"), setting up for Microsoft Teams takes just a few simple steps — and you'll only need to do it once.

  • Click on "Settings and more" next to your profile picture at the top of Microsoft Teams, then choose Settings > Devices.
  • Under Audio devices, change your Speaker and Microphone settings to IRIS (virtual).

That's it! To manage voice isolation, just toggle Clarity on and off from the IRIS Clarity app on your toolbar.


🚀 Pro tip: You'll want to follow these steps even if you're using headphones to take a call. The only difference is you'll select your headphones as the Microphone input and Speaker output directly in the IRIS Clarity app on your toolbar. 


More of a visual person? We've got you covered! Check out the video below.