Setting up the IRIS Clarity App

Setting up IRIS Clarity

The most important step in using IRIS Clarity is the initial connection step. Without this you won't be hearing any difference in your calls

  • Set IRIS Clarity as the audio driver for microphone and speaker in your platform settings
  • Select your headset in the IRIS Clarity app
  • Use the speaker noise slider to control the amount of background noise you hear from the other side of your call
  • If you want to set IRIS Clarity as your default audio driver, enable the setting in the app and set the IRIS Speaker (IRIS Clarity) driver as your speaker in the system sound settings.


For IRIS Clarity to work, it needs to be set as the Microphone and Speaker in your VoIP platform. By default this is usually the default audio driver. This could be a laptop microphone and speaker or a headset that has been plugged in. There are two ways to set up IRIS Clarity. The choice is  dependant on both the platform that you are using and the way you want to IRIS Clarity to interact with your computer system.


Set the IRIS Clarity audio driver directly in the VoIP platform

The simplest way to get going with IRIS Clarity is to set it directly as the microphone and speaker audio driver. All audio is then routed through IRIS Clarity.


  • Only your VoIP platform audio will be routed through IRIS Clarity


  • The VoIP platform may forget to set IRIS Clarity as the microphone and speaker and you will need to redo this for IRIS Clarity to work. This can happen when,
    • Moving between different computers
    • Systems are reset overnight
    • Your VoIP platform software updates / just doesn't remember the last used audio device

Set IRIS Clarity as the system default audio driver

There are some platforms where the system default audio driver is used. You will usually see the term default , system device or system default as a selectable driver. This is usually the driver selected if the microphone and speaker settings are not selectable in the platform settings.

Google Meets microphone selection
If you cannot change your platform settings, or are able to and would like to use the 'default device' mechanism, can turn on the Enable IRIS Clarity as default audio device setting in the  app hamburger menu > settings. 
Set the IRIS Speaker (IRIS Clarity) driver as your speaker in the system sound settings. Make sure it isn't muted and the volume is up. With this setting enabled, all audio off the computer will pass through IRIS Clarity.



  • If applicable, your VoIP platform will automatically use IRIS Clarity without having to manually set the microphone and speaker.


  • Not all VoIP platforms use the default audio driver so this won't work (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
    • We recommend that you test this on your system before rolling out to a wider team
  • All computer audio will run through IRIS Clarity. Calls, system notifications, spotify, training videos, etc. This will remove 'noise' from all these sources which could sound strange if users don't know why it is happening
    • You can just toggle Clarity off outside of calls to hear the original audio