How do I install IRIS Clarity on my computer?

It’s easy!

  • First, sign up and download our desktop app here. (See “How do I create an account with IRIS Clarity?”)
  • Click on the downloaded file (you might find it at the bottom of your browser, in the top right corner of your browser, or in your Downloads folder) 
  • If you’re on a Mac, follow the instructions in our QuickStart installer.
  • If you’re on Windows, installation should happen automatically. 
  • Once installed, IRIS Clarity should launch automatically. If it doesn’t, you can open it by searching for it in your Applications folder. 
  • Once launched, it will appear in your taskbar. On a Mac, that’s in the top right corner, next to your Bluetooth, battery, WiFi and clock icons. On Windows, it’s in the bottom right corner, and you might need to click to expand.
  • When you open the IRIS Clarity app, you’ll notice a Microphone and a Speaker section. Microphone manages noise on your side of the call, and Speaker manages noise on the remote side of the call. Set both to the devices you’re using, usually your system settings (e.g. MacBook Pro Microphone/Speakers), although you may want to select headphones (e.g. IRIS Flow, AirPods) or other devices.
Keep IRIS Clarity toggled ON and you’re good to go.

More of a visual person? We've got you covered! Check out the video below.