Agent Desktop Assessment

Run a quick test on an agent PC to ensure everything works as expected within the intended environment

Before IRIS Clarity is deployed to a wider group of users it is strongly recommended that a member of the IT team runs a quick test on an agent PC to ensure everything works as expected within the intended environment so that no unforeseen issues arise and the right IRIS settings can be defined ahead of the roll out.

The typical snags we see in the field are:

  • Connectivity issues to the IRIS servers 
  • CCaaS applications which can’t set mic and speaker settings natively
  • Aggressive AV blocking access to the mic and speaker
  • In rare occasions we see under resourced PC’s with high baseline memory and CPU usage causing choppy audio

We can get around these common problems with simple configuration changes and finding them upfront is a big advantage.

Agent PC test

  • The Agent PC must be on the same LAN / WAN / VPN as agents normally operate to accurately check connectivity status.
  • The normal CCaaS platform must be installed and accessible by the IT admin running the tests.
  • To run the test please install IRIS Clarity on an Agent PC and sign in using your IRIS Clarity credentials.

Please run the following checks on an agent PC and record the result:



Windows Version


PC Make and model


PC Spec (CPU / Memory)


Default web browser?


Is Kaspersky AV running?


Open a browser. Run a speed check, what is the result up and down?


Open the IRIS Clarity app > Menu > Session details: What is the IRIS connectivity status?


Open Task Manager. Check the CPU and memory usage (baseline)


What is the CCaaS Platform (eg. Genesys / Avaya) ?


Can you set the mic and speaker to IRIS within the CCaaS app in the sound settings?


Make a test call using the CCaaS platform and agent headset with IRIS Clarity enabled on both sides of the call. 


Sound check: Is the audio quality ok in both directions? Mobile call, landline call, internal call


What is the CPU and memory usage with a call connected?


Once completed, these findings can be shared with the IRIS Sales or IRIS Support team for a review.