What do all the status names mean?

You may notice several different statuses next to your file between upload, processing, and downloading. Here’s a breakdown of what they all mean:

  • Preparing upload: We are waiting until there’s enough bandwidth to upload the file without issue
  • Uploading: We’re sending the file to our servers
  • Pre-processing: We’re converting your file to a format we can efficiently and effectively process
  • Processing: We are removing the background noise from your file
  • Finalising: We’re preparing streaming capability for your files so you can toggle IRIS Clarity on and off within the browser without having to download them. Note: You can, if you like, already download your file at this point.
  • Processed: You can now both download and play your file within the browser
  • Cancelled: You have cancelled the upload or processing
  • Failed: Something went wrong on our end, but you can retry. This will not affect your allowance.
  • Queued: Our servers are very busy right now and your file is in a queue to be processed