Application Configuration

How to set up Application Configuration

Application Configuration allows you to create a profile that is applied to all users of the app, defining the default state of all settings in the app. The ability to set up and create an app profile can be found in the settings page here.

There are two ways to setup Application Configuration,


If you do have Microsoft Azure SSO setup,

  • Add a SAML claim in Azure:

    1. Find the IRIS Clarity application in Enterprise Applications
    2. Select Single sign-on in the left side panel
    3. Select SAML from the options
    4. Under Attributes & Claims, click Edit to make changes
    5. Click Add new claim
    6. Under Name copy and paste teamId exactly as appears below
    7. Under Source select Source attribute
    8. Under Source attribute copy and paste the teamId number generated below
    9. Click Save


If you do not have Microsoft Azure SSO setup you can,

  • Add the team_id directly into the installer
    • If you are pushing out applications via a central app distribution tool like Microsoft Intune, you will need to write a script to add the team_id as part of the installer window

      TeamID installer
    • If users are able to install the application directly then they will need know the team_id, this can be found in the setup steps button in the settings page here.