How do I remove background noise from a pre-recorded file?

It’s super easy:

  • Upload one (or multiple) audio file(s) you’d like to clean up. You can do this by clicking on “Select files” on the left, or dragging and dropping your file in the dotted box. 

    💡 We recommend naming them clearly as “original” or “noisy” as well as your usual naming convention. 
  • Review your files(s) in the box that appears and make sure it’s the correct file. If so, click “Upload”.

    ⚠️ Once you click “Upload”, that file will count towards your allocated minutes, so take the extra time to double check it as this action cannot be undone. 
  • Wait for IRIS Clarity to do its work to quickly remove the background noise from your file. You can track it as it’s processing.
  • Once complete, the file will say “Processed” along with the date and time it was completed.
  • From here you can preview your file by toggling the IRIS Clarity button, clicking play, or clicking on the file itself. It will begin to play on the bottom of your screen.

    💡 Toggle IRIS Clarity on and off to hear the difference between your original file and your newly cleaned up one.
  • Finally, download your cleaned up file by clicking on the download icon next to where it says “Processed”.

    ⚠️ You’ll need to be logged in to do this.

📌 Note: Check on your remaining allowance at any time on the counter at the top of your screen.

Desktop - IRIS Pro - file being played - confirm delete